Intelligent tutoring systems with conversational dialogue Intelligent tutoring systems (ITSs) are clearly one of the successful enterprises in AI. There is a long list of ITSs that have been tested on humans and have proven to facilitate learning.



In the line of firewire - IEEE-1394 poised to accelerate in consumer electronics, PC and peripherals markets - Industry Trend or Event According to 1394 Trade Association research, sales of 1394-enabled consumer electronics and computer products were less than 3 million in 1998. However, sales will jump to 14 million units in 1999, then increase to the neighborhood of 50 million by the year 2000.


Uncommon power - Devices to protect computer systems from unexpected power surges, losses - Includes related articles on network UPS, UPS power tips - Special focus: network management - Technology Information - Cover Story Although on-line viruses get more attention, power-related problems are the most common and menacing threat to computer systems and networks. As computing capabilities continue to increase, so does vulnerability to inconsistent power quality.


American Modder: Computer Bike This is the third installment of a series of articles following Russ Caslis in his pursuit of constructing the first ever "Motorcycle Mod." In the latest installment.


Consumer Electronics: PC Optional? When you have a general-purpose device such as a PC, the tendency is to try to make it do everything. Witness the ongoing attempts to make the PC a home entertainment or consumer electronics device.


Electronics & Computer

Investigating reuse

Investigating reuse markets: recyclers hope to strengthen export markets through a new electronics associationWhile it has been useful as a tool to gear up the electronics recycling industry.

Legislation targets

Legislation targets e-waste - Electronics Recycling - used computer equipmentIn an effort to combat the growing number of discarded computers entering the waste stream.

RAA uses MRF

RAA uses MRF infrastructure for electronicsRecycle America Alliance LLC, a subsidiary of Houston-based Waste Management Inc., has initiated new electronics recycling collection services in Wisconsin.

Elpida Memory's

Elpida Memory's 512 Megabit XDR DRAM provides industry-leading data transfer rate for digital consumer electronicsElpida Memory, Inc. (Elpida), Japan's leading global supplier of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM).

Telecoms should

Telecoms should feed the hand of consumer electronics: the stimulus and synergy that the consumer electronic sector has so long provided to telecoms can no longer be depended uponWhile the consumer electronics industry does not transform itself annually, it changes with sufficient frequency that the annual events.