What is Dyson Going to do Next

What will a company that made it cool to vacuum and revolutionized an industry come up with next? While very tight lipped about products they plan to introduce we can take a quick look at the marketplace and their technology background and make some educated guesses as to what they will introduce next. Here are four choices for new Dyson products that might be released in the next few years. Expect to see a Dyson canister vacuum designed just for the United States soon. The Dyson DC11 canister vacuum was available for about a year but had problems on heavy nap carpet due to the lack of a power brush feature. Ever the perfectionist Dyson removed the vacuum from the market even though it was effective for the majority of floor surfaces. There is still a lot of demand for the DC11 and Dyson has several other canister models in production like the DC08 and the DC12 that are not sold in the States.

A Dyson Air Purifier could one day be available as their technology seems built for this application. All of the Dyson vacuums have a lifetime guarantee on the H.E.P.

A filter because the majority of the cleaning is done by their powerful cyclones. With the inclusion of a variable speed motor and some sound reduction technology Dyson could enter the complimentary air purifier market with a natural evolution of their vacuum technology. How about a Dyson Robotic Vacuum? It almost happened. In 2004 Dyson put on hold their plans to release the DC06 Dyson Robotic Vacuum. With a retail price expected to exceed $4000 cost had to play a factor in not introducing what many people were calling the most intelligent home appliance ever with over fifty sensors.

With the popularity of robot vacuums still strong expect Dyson to enter this market and raise the bar in terms of both functionality and programmability with a more agreeable price point. With the miniaturization of the cyclone technology already perfected with the robot vacuum why not introduce a small hand held model. Imagine cleaning your car or a small spill in the kitchen with your rechargeable cordless cyclonic Dyson hand held vacuum. While it might not have eight cyclones like the uprights available now a dual or single cyclone application found in their earlier models applied to a small hand held unit would provide a powerful quick cleaning option instead of having to bring out your vacuum for small clean ups. With a company like Dyson that is so strongly founded on innovation and the development of new technology the one thing we can predict with confidence is that they will bring new and innovative products to market that change the way we think about cleaning our home.

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