Heres a list of WordPress PlugIns that have been updated for WordPress

Themes for WordPress 2.5 and Web 3.0 Design and Functionality WordPress 2.5, the much anticipated latest release from the team at Automattic officially hit the streets on March 29th complete with a radical overhaul of the WordPress "corporate" site as well.

Here are some of the cool features on the "inside" that make life a little easier, or at least more convenient. 1. The dashboard has been "widgetized" enabling you to customize what you see.

Of course there is the invaluable WordPress News, a feature displaying information about your posts, links, popular plugins and integrates with WordPress stats so you can easily see your traffic, latest visitors, etc. This upgrade takes a little getting used to if you're a hardcore WP user, but even after a few hours you'll fall in love with the Web 3.0 design and functionality. 2. Enhanced Search ? WordPress 2.

5 used to search only posts, it now searches pages as well which enhances search engine optimization and user friendliness by providing information to your visitors on your "static" content, not just your posts. 3. Concurrent Editing ? if you're running a multi-author blog ? for example a company site with several "administrators" who add/edit content, WordPress 2.5 "locks" the post or page so that the "2nd person" can't save edits until the "1st person" is done ? and let's you know that someone else is working on it.

This is a handy addition, and reduces the "dude, I just changed that" factor! 4. Tag Management - no more widgets, it's built into WordPress 2.5. 5.

WordPress Plug-in Upgrades ? instead of the old, delete, replace method WordPress 2.5 features what they term "a few clicks upgrade" ? depending upon the plugin developer, this is a very cool feature. However, it depends upon your host as to whether it will work ? should be good for most. It might be a good idea to write down how you did any custom configuration on your plugin before upgrading.

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Heres a list of WordPress PlugIns that have been updated for WordPress - Here?s a list of WordPress Plug-Ins that have been updated for WordPress 2.

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