Video Surveillance Technology Explained A Primer

The technology in video surveillance equipment is used in many ways for the advantage of society as a whole. The technology is used to investigate, among other things, the workload amongst pilots and air-traffic controllers, assessment of driver reactions to warning devices at railroad crossings, and studies of the performance of sleep-deprived locomotive engineers, just to name a few. The equipment includes video cameras, digital video recorders, digital video cameras, and CCTV [closed circuit TV] video cameras. Events such as the 9-11 terrorist attack in the United States of America and the ever present threat of more terror attacks has resulted in video surveillance equipment becoming more popular than any time before.

This equipment and technology is used in various different portions of society including government agencies, security agencies, companies and businesses, schools, and public and private transportation vehicles. Video surveillance apparatus is also a welcomed technology in places where around the clock human supervision is needed but not viable. As an example, the New York City Transit system [including the subway, tunnel and bridge authorities] uses video surveillance equipment for monitoring below ground traffic and stations. There are many components to video surveillance equipment technology such as cameras, software, digital image cameras, infrared sensors, monitors and so on. Surveillance technology has become an invaluable apparatus for business when it is correctly used.

It can lessen the liability and workers' compensation premiums. It can help identify fraudulent insurance claims, and may help in the deterrence and apprehension of dishonest workers and customers. Present-day technology by the way of computer networks and the Internet additionally provides the capability to observe a business concern remotely from home or other locations. There are many varieties of cameras and digital video recorders made for a variety of applications. Examples of these are entrance and exit cameras, cash register and counter cameras, internal cameras, outdoor cameras, etc.

along with digital video recorders [DVRs] and [VCRs] are the main components of a digital video surveillance system. Prices for the equipment standard for a four camera digital video recording system for a small retail or office type business can cost at least several thousands of dollars plus the cost of labor of installation. As you might expect medium, large and project level businesses will need to spend proportionately more to satisfy their individual security requirements.

Whatever expenses incurred in buying video surveillance equipment merits the effort and expense. This is because this technology not only reduces the cost of security but also helps in curbing crime and vandalism. There are very few companies, which do not use video surveillance equipment for some purpose or the other.

Total sales in video surveillance technology are on the increase. They will continue to do so due to the effectiveness and versatility of this technology.

Bill Wallmuller is the founder of Merokee Enterprises. Two of the author's concerns are personal safety and crime prevention. Learn more about surveillance equipment technology by visiting the Website:

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