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Have you ever been running late in getting home and you missed an episode of your favorite TV show? Until recently if you had missed your show you could have to wait until it played as a rerun somewhere. With today's technology that is no longer true. You can find old TV episodes on the internet to view from your computer.

TV stations are putting episode after episode online for the masses to watch from the computer. Now you don't have to worry about not being home to watch your show. Although you have probably used a VCR or DVR in the past to record missed shows, you can't possibly record every channel at the same time.

Large TV stations like FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC have started to put their TV shows online. You can now go to their site and watch some of the episodes that you otherwise would have had to wait for a rerun to see. You can schedule your time better now and watch TV when you want. If you are worried about not having enough time to watch the entire episode, you will find that commercials are limited and thus the total amount of time needed is less.

A normal television episode that say is 60 minutes long with a commercial is really only about 40 minutes long without the commercials. By having fewer commercials with the episodes online you now have more total time to watch TV and you can probably squeeze in a few extra episodes here and there. If you do the math and figure you are saving 15 minutes per hour episode, once you watch 4 episodes it will have only taken up the same amount of time as 3 episodes normally would. If you think watching TV from your computer screen won't be as good as your TV, don't worry. Most computer monitors look just as nice if not better than TV sets.

The performance of most computers is also good enough to run the TV shows smoothly. Even if you only have dial-up internet you will find few problems with viewing shows online. If you have broadband then the sky is the limit and you will be able to watch the shows in larger windows or even full screen. You will need to play with the different choices you have available until you find a good balance with performance and quality.

In summary, now that you have the ability to watch TV on the internet with limited commercial interruptions and get good quality with good performance, you will find yourself glued to your computer.

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