The Dish on Satellite TV

The evolution of television has seen dramatic acceleration recently. Satellite TV has truly revolutionized the global viewing experience. You no longer have to rely on awkward rabbit ear antennae to bring viewing pleasure. Satellite dishes have become as ubiquitous as the roof antenna was in the early years.

The world can now be accessed through numerous, and diverse channels, and programming. The number of options available with satellite television is overwhelming. Since the broadcast signals used in satellite television are digital, as compared with old analog, the results are crystal clear audio and visual transmissions. Broadcasts can be done in HDTV, or high definition television, which is the latest television technology. Digital transmissions allow a greater degree of flexibility for broadcasters.

In addition to picture and sound excellence, there is a virtual library of movies, sporting events, and news programs to choose from. More than the basic channels of yesteryear. Satellite receivers, when put together with the properly built and positioned satellite dish, hook up with access to more than 225 digital-quality channels. The receiver can also provide an on-screen program guide that can be customized to suit viewers needs.

The receiver also has a built-in "Locks and Limits" feature, which gives control to limit channels or programs. More recently, a spectacular Digital Video Recording feature, DVR, has emerged. This gives the viewer the ability to record, replay, and splice programming scenes as many times, and in as many ways, as desired. That's what the combination of HDTV and DVR will give: complete control. Unlike commercial television, which broadcasts free programming, satellite television is not without cost. To get satellite TV, you need a dish antenna, and a receiver designed to work with the chosen service.

You can buy the hardware from the satellite company, an electronics store, or a satellite-system dealer/installer for about $100 and up. There is a monthly subscription fee, in addition to the cost of the hardware; this varies according to the level of service. In the past, bad weather could adversely effect the signals, however new technology and improvements have made this a rare issue.

All considered, satellite television is an investment well worth it. Satellite service can include you in a world revolution that is changing the face of how information and entertainment is done in this world. The sky is the limit with satellite services, literally, when it comes to speed, features, and innovation.

Jay B Stockman is a contributing editor for Direct Satellite TV Network Visit for more information.

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