The blue iPod nano GB

The first feature of the every iPod nano that may come to your mind is the existence of the 2-inch display; this type of display is to be found in the case of the pink iPod nano 8gb too. This display occupies almost half of the entire device thus making it one of the best selling devices. Nano can also play some video in addition to the sounds of music and this feature is highly searched for by almost every user.

There is another thing to be considered, namely that the shape of iPod nano is a new one. Its previous thick design has been replaced by wider shapes and the new stouter design may accommodate the scroll wheel and the generous screen. All the features will be delivered by the impressively thin profile and the blue iPod nano 8GB will subclass its ancestors. The pink iPod nano 8gb has a brushed aluminum design that can come in various colors that may work quite well when in practice. But its screen makes all the difference; you will be able to watch a video for extended periods of time and this feature is very tolerable in case of the quick-hit videos. The entire interface is revamped and the larger screen will facilitate more features that the previous ones.

Still images can also be viewed because they can accommodate to this refreshed interface. The new interface is to be considered as a less of wholesale change when compared to a facelift. Every interface update will consist of two components; these basic components will regard the introduction of the cover flow.

The cover flow is used in order to navigate through the existing photo albums. It can also be used for repurposing means such as the use of the white space that is to be found on the right side of the screen. Visual content previews can be introduced by using the cover flow and every blue iPod nano 8GB user will make use of this feature in order to display all his photos. The last change is also to be explored because it does not involve the already known features; every option that is included in the pink iPod nano 8gb menu may look pretty familiar to every user. But the white screen that was to be found at the right of the phone's display has been replaced. The new right half when it comes to the iPod's display is designed in order to give the user a total preview of all his options.

The menu selection will be displayed because the previous whit screen is not here anymore. The new feature is to be regarded as a quite appealing substitution that comes instead of a white and unnecessary space. This useless space was replaced in order for the user to see his albums too. The user can use the cover flow navigation in order to browse his photo albums; this program is the best one when it comes to trolling for the existing albums.

The user has to slide his finger around the wheel and he will flip through his albums in a second. The albums can even be organized alphabetically by every artist. The user can also search for an individual song and he will use the same program in order to find it. The regular menu will also have some browsing enhancements as well; the user can browse his songs by title; the track title will be bolded and the name of the artist will appear beneath.

If the pink iPod nano 8gb is packed only with music, the user can scroll really fast by using the scroll wheel that has some special options that may help the user know when he has to stop. Every blue iPod nano 8GB is likely t come with its own accessories; for instance, ear bud headphones can be provided because the sound quality can be very impressive in case of this iPod nano. But the accessories are likely to address to music players because the iPod continues to lack some important features such as the ones that are to be found in the case of the flash media players. These features are quite common when it comes to a competing player that can come along with a built-in option, namely the microphone.

The microphone can be used for different voice recorders and it can be added even to an FM tuner. Therefore, if you own a blue iPod nano 8GB and you want to make these voice recordings, you will have to buy some extra accessories that are able to provide you with the line-in jack. Every option is likely to require for a new accessory if you are planning to use some extra features of your iPod.

The blue iPod nano 8GB will have several options that will be provided with some accessories while the pink iPod nano 8gb will include the cover flow navigation option.

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