How to Stack the Odds in Your Favour for Getting a Job Promotion or Raise

If you're competing or planning to compete in today's job market, you'll need every advantage possible over the competition. In a market where the employer has the advantage of a plentiful applicant pool, only those with the strongest skill set make the cut. Aside from additional training in your specific area of expertise, one way to greatly increase your odds are with Microsoft training and certification. Statistically speaking, those who complete Microsoft training and gain a Microsoft Office Specialist certification not only find a position faster, they earn an average of 12% more than do non-certified individuals.

Just about every business in the world uses the Microsoft Office suite of products to perform a large portion of their daily tasks. However, though just about everyone uses it, most people have had no formal Microsoft training. The key difference between employees with Microsoft training is essentially productivity.

Just about everyone who uses a computer can perform the basic functions of Office, but employers realize that productivity is lower and the capacity to be innovative is much less among applicants without Microsoft training. The full gamut of Microsoft training for Office covers MS Project, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and Access. Certificates are available for each individual program as well as a full package called the Microsoft Specialist Certification.

Microsoft training for each program is between one and seven days followed by an exam lasting approximately one hour. Once you've passed the exams, you can add the title of 'Microsoft Office Specialist' to your resume and business cards to improve your odds of finding a job or getting a promotion. If you're satisfied with your current position but looking to increase your paycheck, Microsoft training and certification justifies a request for a salary increase. According to statistics, 82% of those who received Microsoft training reported a salary increase after earning their Specialist certification. Even if your company provides some sort of in-house training and advancement programs, it is the individual who goes above and beyond that takes the promotions and earns the salary increases. Whether you're actively looking for a job or not, career specialists recommend that you set a goal of adding three new enhancments to your CV each year.

Improving your skills with Microsoft training and other certifications keeps you competitive in a fast-changing industry and prepared should the time come for you to seek a greater challenge. If you're a driven individual seeking a way to stand out from the masses of other associates or in the market for a better job opportunity, Microsoft training and certification is one of the fastest, most cost effective ways to achieve your goals. Not only will the title stand out on your CV, the skills you learn in Microsoft training will give you the insight to discover innovative solutions to daily office activities that can lead to future advancements as well.

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