How To Boost The Performance Of Your PC To Play Video Games

Many people these days use their computers for a variety of things, not just work or research but for fun as well. You know that you like to play computer games, but if you are going to play them you should consider getting the accessories to make your gaming experience better and increase the performance of your game playing. Most of the games that you play will be much easier to play with a joystick. If you are serious at all about optimizing your game playing you need to go for a good one here. There joysticks available that will include up to eight programmable buttons and will also include gaming software that will even allow you to program it to particular games. Get one that is easily plugged in, via USB preferably and one that allows for multiple adjustments.

If you are playing games on your computer a good mouse is not optional, choose a wireless optical mouse to get the best performance. Having an optical mouse will help give you an edge over those who don't have one. Again one that hooks up via USB is preferable, but be aware that since these types use batteries they will need to be replaced frequently.

Some of the console games will require a gamepad and many of those you get for your computer will be set up identical to the ones for the console game players. Make sure it fits well in your hands, look for a USB connection and take the time to play with them in the store if you can to get a feel for which one you like the best. A high quality speaker system with at least two speakers and a subwoofer are a must have for gaming.

I am not saying you have to buy the most expensive set of speakers you can find, but you need quality to be able to get the most out of the gaming experience. The difference in the sound between average speakers that come with a computer and a set of more high performance gaming oriented speakers is night and day. You may also want to include a headset, especially if you are playing late at night and are sharing your home with someone, or you still live at home.

With a headset you can play all night and no one will know, until they try to wake you in the morning! You must have lots of RAM. That's short for random access memory of course, and if you have any intention of playing games with intense graphics, and I know you do, then don't cut yourself short here. This is a simple fact, more RAM is better period.

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