Grand Theft Auto IV PlayStation Cheats

Since the first game was released, the success of the Grand Theft Auto series has been one outstanding game after another, and it has proven to be one of the most well-known gaming franchises ever created. Plus, Grand Theft Auto has continued to step up a notch with each title released and redefining what video gaming is about. There's no question that GTA is up there when it comes to the Sandbox genre, and those who've played it knows the reason why. GTA4 is the 9th game off of the series and will continue on with where GTA 3 left off. And although the story line remains the same, expect a different kind of adventure with GTA 4 as the series has promised fans with each title released.

A common denominator among every GTA story has been that it is, to a certain extent, highly absorbing and out of this world. But GTA 4 provides a different perspective into the game's storyline. With Niko, an ex-soldier who tries to escape from his troubled past, as the main focus of the story, players will join him in his quest to overcome anything that awaits him in the equally grimy Liberty City. Niko does not have trouble fitting in because of his rugged and rough appearance, and here is where all the fun of exploring Liberty City starts. GTA4 digresses from the highly volatile nature of past GTA characters; instead making it more objective-laden, which in turn makes this game a more absorbing play. In past GTA games, characters can partake in rampages or other violent acts at will, but because Niko has missions to fulfill, your adventures are defined within that mission.

As for the other characters (even random ones) that are in GTA 4, they have improved significance as far as storyline is concerned in this game. When Niko makes certain decisions, he will be forced to put into consideration certain characters and how that decision will be beneficial (or not) to him later on in the game. Meanwhile, building relationships is a key in this game and unlike other GTA games, you will have to think them through. With Liberty City serving as the backdrop for the game, it should be pointed out that the game could have not looked any better.

Not only will you have access to various locations within the game, but everything looked like much effort has been rendered in order to achieve such perfection in details. But that is not all that Grand Theft Auto IV has to offer. It has used the previous GTA games as a launching pad for a much better and improved gameplay system. One feature that probably seen the most improvement in this one is the combat system. Rockstar decided to improve on this in order to infuse more sophistication and excitement into the combat of this game, as well as to be at par with some of today's best shooters.

Although the free-aim feature might be a great way to practice your shooting skills, the lock-on feature still serves as a welcome addition for a sharper accuracy rate. With this, it is now possible to set your aim on the nearest opponent and fire at them with unwavering accuracy. And once you've done that, there's nothing more left to do but press that button. The cover system is also new to this game.

To make your character take cover from the nearest suitable object, just press R1. While in this manner, you will be able to effectively take cover from your enemies and it is also best recommended to use this feature when facing multiple enemies. By using this new feature, your character can now attain only minimal damage to his health.

With these new features, the combat system has been definitely revised to a whole new depth and definitely upgrades the level of gaming experience. If you though that was impressive, wait till you hear about GTA IV's new in-car combat system. Given that you already have all these nifty features at your disposal, you can be rest assured that this new in-car combat system is just as effective as on-foot combat system.

Even when driving a vehicle, you can lock-on your nearest opponent. Or if you want to free-aim out the window while driving, you still can. If before, getting to shoot someone while you're driving proved to be quite a task, this time around everything is so much better. This additional feature is all designed to not only make your life easier, but experience a more quality combat. One important thing that needs to be tackled when talking about GTA IV is the mission structure.

With GTA's reputation as a truly one of a kind game, GTA IV has managed to make use of effective elements and incorporated some fresh new twists into it. So, as you go through this game, you'd have to traverse the entire city in order to accomplish missions for certain characters, with each of these missions offering a unique experience for gamers. And we have to say, the GTA IV missions are definitely the most action-packed and exciting the game has ever seen. While in Liberty City, Roman's phone will be used by Niko and plays a key role in the game. Then, you can use that as your control panel and organizer for anything that needs to be done in the game.

You can use the phone to receive messages about certain missions, and may also serve as your main access to multiplayer features and anything you have to accomplish the progress in the game. With the use of the phone as your main control panel in this game, players will feel more involved into the world of the game instead of stopping to send out specific commands. Also, an exciting new addition to this new GTA game is the online multiplayer feature.

You can have as much as sixteen players competing against each other, which definitely raises the level of intensity within the game. Sooner or later, GTA IV will earn the title of king of Multiplayer because of its tremendous new features that has continued to innovate and redefine gaming as we know it.

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