PTC extends leadership in electronics and high tech industry

PTC (Nasdaq:PMTC), the Product Development Company, has announced that it is extending its leadership in the electronics and high tech industry with innovative new product capabilities for electronics design validation and advanced environmental regulation compliance support. With nearly 20 years experience and more than 3,000 successful electronics and high tech customers, PTC continues its commitment to providing high quality product development solutions.

PTC extends leadership in electronics and high tech industryPTC is strengthening its electronics and high tech offerings in response to trends that increasingly affect customers in this industry: downward pressure on prices, new requirements for environmental compliance, and the globalization of product development and manufacturing.

--With its release of InterComm EDAcompare, PTC provides a solution that allows a company to compare and identify changes in printed circuit board (PCB) designs early in the product development process. Identifying and managing change is one of the key problems in electronics design today. InterComm EDAcompare will allow companies to decrease time to volume, increase product quality and ultimately reduce overall product cost.

--Electronics and high tech manufacturers are currently using PTC solutions to comply with the European Union's Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) and Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) standards. PTC allows companies to maintain audit trails and meet certification requirements, analyze product development for regulatory compliance, and build a robust infrastructure to support future environmental regulatory requirements.

Windchill provides electronics and high tech manufacturers with capabilities that are imperative to their global product development strategy. Since its purchase of OHIO Design Automation, Inc. in April 2004, PTC has integrated InterComm into Windchill 7.0 to provide direct integration with ECAD systems including Cadence Design Systems and Mentor Graphics. The integration of InterComm with Windchill allows companies to collaborate with internal and external teams on detailed PCB design data while protecting intellectual property (IP).

"Success for Unisys requires engaging engineers, suppliers, manufacturing partners, and customers in real-time collaboration for the entire product lifecycle," said Tim Saja, Windchill program manager, Unisys. "We are confident that PTC will continue to provide us with innovative collaboration and data management solutions that will help us comply with new regulations and reduce the overall cost and production time of our products."

"PTC has been a strategic technology partner to many of the most successful electronics companies because we are dedicated to developing solutions that improve our customers ability to manage product design from early stage through retirement," said Chad Hawkinson, director electronics & high tech strategic marketing, PTC. "By combining product development experience with deep industry expertise, PTC is able to provide solutions capable of addressing challenges like environmental regulation compliance and global product development that directly impact the electronics and high tech industry."