Now get FREE new and improved Bulbs for Life : a floor lamp that spreads sunshine all over a room, and pays for itself!

The Balanced Spectrum[R] floor lamp combines the benefits of natural daylight indoors with a savings of $77 over the life of one bulb!**

Now get FREE new and improved Bulbs for Life : a floor lamp that spreads sunshine all over a room, and pays for itself!Ever since the first human went into a dark cave and built a fire, people have realized the importance of proper indoor lighting. Unfortunately, since Edison invented the light bulb, lighting technology has remained relatively prehistoric. Modern light fixtures do little to combat many symptoms of improper lighting, such as eyestrain, dryness or burning. As more and more of us spend longer hours in front of a computer monitor, the results are compounded. And the effects of indoor lighting are not necessarily limited to physical well-being. Many people believe that the quantity and quality of light can play a part in one's mood and work performance. Now there's a better way to bring the positive benefits of natural sunlight indoors.


The Balanced Spectrum[R] floor lamp will change the way you see and feel about your living or work spaces. Studies show that sunshine can lift your mood and your energy levels. But as we all know the sun, unfortunately, does not always shine. So to bring the benefits of natural daylight indoors, use the floor lamp that simulates the full spectrum of daylight. You will see with more clarity and enjoyment as this lamp provides sharp visibility for close tasks and reduces eyestrain.

Its 27-watt compact bulb is the equivalent to a 150-watt ordinary light bulb. This makes it perfect for activities such as reading, writing, sewing, needlepoint, and especially for aging eyes.

We've looked at lots of lights, but this one offers the benefit of dual light levels of 27 and 18 watts of power equivalent to 150-and 100-watt incandescent bulbs. This lamp has a flexible gooseneck design for maximum efficiency, with an "Instant On" switch that is flicker-free. The high-tech electronics, user-friendly design, and bulb that lasts 10 times longer than an ordinary bulb make this lamp a must-have.

"As soon as I turned on the lamp and began to read the newspaper I could
see the wonderful difference. This lamp is just what I needed. Thank you
so much."
Donna E.
Scranton, PA

Try the Balanced Spectrum[R] floor lamp for the best value ever! Now more than ever is the time to add sunshine to every room in your home at this fantastic low price! The Balanced Spectrum[R] floor lamp comes with a 1-year manufacturer's limited warranty and firstSTREET's exclusive guarantee. Try this product for 90 days and return it for the product purchase price if not completely satisfied.

Balanced Spectrum[R] floor lamp

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SAVE $77 over the life of one Balanced Spectrum[R] bulb!**

A 150-watt incandescent bulb uses $0.013 per hour in energy cost. The Balanced Spectrum[R] bulb uses an average of 70% less energy which saves you $0.009 per hour. Based on 8,000 hours bulb life, the Balanced Spectrum[R] bulb will save $72 in energy cost. Plus, because the Balanced Spectrum[R] bulb lasts 10 times longer than an incandescent bulb priced at an average of $0.50, an additional $5 savings is realized.


**Source: "Lighting the Way to Energy Savings"; 1999

Free Bulbs for Life ([dagger])

Technology revolutionizes the light bulb

*** 5,000 hours bulb life

*** Energy efficient

*** Shows true colors


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